Statistics show that franchised businesses are 75% more likely to succeed than independent operated businesses. With over 20 stores worldwide, be part of The Dessert Kitchen family.

Do I need to be a dessert chef to own a Dessert Kitchen franchise?

Yes, this is the basic requirement of The Dessert Kitchen group. Dessert Kitchen will train you to become one of the dessert chefs in the store. It is your responsibility to hire all your staffs.

How many people are required for the training? How long the training will be and will there be enough training provided?

At least 3 people are required for the training. The training will go for 1 month prior the opening of shop for trading as well as 1 month on site training from the shop opening date. The business owner should be one of the chefs his/her partner is preferably to be the shop Manager. Both of you and your partner are required to work full time to manage the business. The actual number of staffs required will depend on how busy the business will be.

What is the minimum size of the store?

The minimum size is around 100 sqm. Preferably the size of the shop is around 120 sqm to 150 sqm.

Can I choose my own location?

You can suggest your preferred location or suburb and our franchise manager will assess whether your preferred location or suburb is suitable.

Is the lease in my name?

Yes, we will request the lease to be signed by you.

After I submit my application how long I have to wait before I have a response from the Franchise Manager?

We will acknowledge the receive of the application by email. Our Franchise Manager will then contact the successful potential applicants for an interview.

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